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Everyone should know CPR. That’s the article. I’m kidding! But it seriously should be that easy to get you to understand the importance of CPR.

An extensive CPR course teaches you how to save lives efficiently and in the correct way— giving you peace of mind when an accident occurs.

After reading this you’ll know the true importance of learning CPR— it’s safe to say I’m glad you clicked!

Unfortunately, most people don’t know a thing about CPR.

Did you know CPR is done only half the time for every cardiac arrest outside of the hospital? National surveys demonstrate that only 15 to 30 percent of people who experience sudden cardiac arrests outside of hospitals receive bystander CPR.

 That’s way too few— but why is that? 

When people are asked why they would not give CPR to someone in public, a very common answer is that they never received formal training, so they’re not sure what to even do or look for. Other concerns, such as hurting the person, doing harm to oneself, legal risks, or concerns about contracting an infectious disease, and being afraid of mouth-to-mouth often dissuade people to offer proper CPR techniques to someone struggling. 

CPR isn’t as hard to learn as it sounds. 

The good news is that CPR is easy to learn— EMS University offers comprehensive classes that take only 90 minutes!  Over eight chapters, you’ll learn the benefits of CPR, personal safest, CPR, AED, choking, good samaritan laws, and continuous cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

CPR is an essential skill for every human to have because it prepares you for the worst and makes you an asset to those around you. 

CPR can be a lifesaver in many circumstances. Don’t let lack of committing 90 minutes of your time from keeping you from saving a life.

Take the challenge and learn today.