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EMS University

Jennifer Major, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President of EMS University, LLC

EMR EMS University, LLC (2013)
A.A. General Studies – Scottsdale Community College (2003)
B.A.S. Early Childhood – Northern Arizona University (2007)


In charge of CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens and other BLS Programs, Jennifer began her career in 1998 working at an inner-city elementary school where she assisted students of all ages in academic studies and activities. She also has extensive experience working one on one with children with disabilities, particularly autism, and has a particular interest in the safety and well being of children. She graduated summa cum laude from Northern Arizona University with her B.A.S. in Early Childhood, with additional studies in environmental sociology, planetary geology, visual arts, and women’s studies. In her free time, when not tending to her  children, she participates in multiple volunteer and charity opportunities, working with charities, domestic violence shelters, UMCOR, Soldier’s Angels, food banks, educational facilities, animal shelters, and other venues to aid in the betterment of humankind. She also is President of a local animal rescue.