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I Didn't Pass, Now What?

Not meeting the requirement for the NREMT exam can be a huge bummer. But don’t be discouraged, many people fail the first time and try again successfully. If you didn’t pass the big exam, here are some helpful tips to get you towards your goal.

Don’t punish yourself.  Get yourself out of a bad state of mind with encouraging thoughts or affirmations— you can do this! You are smart, determined, and will be an
amazing EMT, helping to save hundreds or even thousands of lives, No need to get caught up
in comparisons or feeling bad for yourself. Simply, get back to the books with determination.
Find your weaknesses.

You failed for a reason— not because you’re dumb or unworthy, simply because you didn’t understand a topic enough to delegate it correctly on the field. Make a comprehensive list of the
topics you simply just don’t get. This time around you’ll be able to tune in on what you struggle
with the most.

Ask for help.
Utilize your instructor to the best of your ability. They are their to help you and want to see you
become EMT certified. If you’re a visual learner, ask how things apply in the real world. Connect
with old classmates for practical study advice.
Prepare for the test with a calm mind.
After you’ve revisited the material and studied more than you did the first time around, nourish
your mind with rest before the big exam. No all-nighters to cram material last minute. Just plenty of rest, good food, and positive thoughts.
I hope this blog has encouraged you to give the NREMT another shot. I want to conclude with a
quote from Winston Churchill. “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Well said. Now, go kick butt!
-Amanda with EMS University