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EMS University

EMT Training Courses

Hours Required

130 to 200 Hours Depending on Location and format. See below.


  • Online/Hybrid – EMT Class lectures completed online, practical skills practice and final examination completed in-person. Option varies depending on location.
  • In-Person – The entire EMT course is completed in person. Option varies depending on location.

EMT Class Paths

  • Fast Track – The MOST popular method. Usually spread out over a period of 3-4 weeks depending on the location. Recommended for those who want to complete the class quickly, but still have time to breathe.
  • Boot Camp – This is an intense EMT Course which requires 100% dedication. It is recommended for those with previous emergency services or extensive healthcare experience. However, anyone with the correct amount of time, effort and dedication has the opportunity to be successful. You will live, breathe, and eat EMT curriculum.
  • Accelerated – Spread out over a longer period (usually 2 months) on the weekends or evenings. A good pace with plenty of time in between, but not too slow.
  • Traditional Format – Just what it says. This EMT class is spread out over a period of approximately 3-4 months and taken in the evenings which gives you plenty of time to study, however, don’t the slower pace of the course fool you. You still need to spend plenty of time studying. 


Currently, EMS University, LLC offers Emergency Medical Technician courses in the state of Arizona. California, and Texas operate as EMS University, LLC d.b.a. EMS Universal Education. Arizona Training is approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. The Texas EMT program is approved by the the Texas Department of State Health Services. Finally, the California EMT Program is Approved by the California EMS Authority. This exciting and fast paced course will teach you everything you need to become certified as a EMT both in the State and as a EMT registered by the National Registry of EMTs.

Locations Offered:

Arizona EMT Training

Bay Area EMT Training

San Diego EMT Training

Texas EMT Training (Online/Hybrid)

San Antonio EMT Training