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EMT Fast Track

The EMT Fast Track Program is an intensive one month long course consists of a total of 130-200 hours depending on location which may include classroom instruction, skills testing, practical examination assistance, and clinical/externship rotations. Depending upon student performance, the practical examination assistance may be waived at the program director’s discretion due to the program’s increase in content hours. This course shall meet and/or exceed the United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Emergency Medical Technician National Standard Curriculum guidelines and 2009, the National EMS Education Standards as well as meet Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of EMS, California EMS Authority, or Texas State Department of Health Services education standards, depending on location.

Want to take this class? 

Visit our Locations Section to see where and when we offer the EMT Boot Camp class.

Cost: $1,500.00-$2,500.00 (Financing Available)

Note: Students may complete externship hours on the weekends, subject to availability, however, students should prepare to complete externship class hour requirements after the conclusion of didactic instruction..

Students are afforded up to 30 days upon course completion to finish all hours, however, students are strongly encouraged to finish sooner.

Please complete the Program Packet on each respective website to assist you with meeting the requirements prior to class and beginning externships.

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