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40 Hour EMS Instructional Strategies Course

This 40 Hour EMS Instructional Strategies course is designed for the entry level EMS Instructor prior to formal instruction in an Emergency Medical Services educational program. This course is based on the 2002 National Guidelines For Educating EMS Instructors, which is a consortium of guidelines from the National Association of EMS Educators, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Successful completion of this course shall entitle the student to EMS Instructor certification. Prerequisites: Must be a currently certified or licensed EMS Professional (Qualifications will be verified upon course completion). Length of Course: 40 Hours Course Location: The EMS Instructional Strategies course is offered online and includes interactive assignments such as presentations and uploading of various course documents to demonstrate proficiency. This course follows Program Designer: Ruben Major, EMT-Paramedic, M.A. Course Cost: $197.50 Course Outline:
  • Module 1. Introduction
  • Module 2. Roles and Responsibilities
  • Module 3. Administrative Issues
  • Module 4. Legal Issues
  • Module 5. Ethics
  • Module 6. Learning Environment
  • Module 7. Learning Styles
  • Module 8. Domains of Learning
  • Module 9. Goals and Objectives
  • Module 10. Lesson Plans
  • Module 11. Presentations Skills
  • Module 12. Evaluation Techniques
  • Module 13. Facilitation Techniques
  • Module 14. Communication/Feedback
  • Module 15. Motivation
  • Module 16. Teaching Thinking Skills
  • Module 17. Teaching Psychomotor Skills
  • Module 18. Affective Domain
  • Module 19. Discipline
  • Module 20. Remediation
  • Module 21. Cultural Awareness
  • Module 22. Teaching Resources
  • Module 23. Research
  • Module 24: Pediatric Education
*Note: This course is self-paced. Students will be required to electronically present material, upload lesson plans and other assignments within a 30 day time frame.