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The Best Amazon Finds for EMTs

Just because you work all day as an EMT doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look good. Yes, vomit will happen and blood will likely stain your uniform— but you still ought to feel good in whatever you’re wearing while on the job. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the Amazon must haves and EMT style favorites for all you fashion forward EMTs out there. Are you ready for some EMT shopping inspo? 

Water-Resistant Tactical Pants For Men 

A good pair of pants is important fo every EMT. For less than fifty dollars, these pants will last you a last time— even through the most strenuous work days. Reviews state that this pair of pants is breathable, durable, and comfortable— perfect for EMT life.

Military Style Boots

These military style boots are sturdy for the busiest calls. Their thick padding protects your feet from cold weather and rain, so you won’t slip while assisting a patient outside. Investing in a good pair of works boots is essential— it’ll help you protect your feet from unchartered territory and busy patient homes. Water and oil resistant soles will secure your step on every call.

Unisex Embroidered EMT Pullover Zip

A comfy sweater is absolutely essential for staying cozy during late night shifts. This pullover is a lifesaver when you’re waiting in a cold waiting room or chilly ambulance. 

Medical Light Up Pen 

This easy-to-use, portable medical light up pen will help you assess your patient’s pupils. Keep this pack of two handy in your chest pocket to stay prepared for anything. Be aware: your partner will likely ask to borrow your second one. 

Thinking about purchasing any of these products for your EMT wardrobe and toolkit? 

Let us know in the comments section below.