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We are a team of certified Paramedics with extensive hands-on experience in performing actual CPR. We started the company in 2003 with a vision of improving CPR education worldwide. Initially, there were many doubts regarding the online education environment and its utilization for emergency skills and other healthcare training, however, with the advancement of online education tools, we believe that we may assist with the delivery of instruction so much that the benefits far outweigh the detractors.

Our mission is to train and educate individuals to become the most highly skilled Emergency Medical Service professionals. Continuous quality improvement is the primary focus of our educational training program. We take every possible step to instill knowledge from our previous experience through continuous evaluation and improvement. Each member of our team participates in this process, as an open atmosphere leads to innovation, quality education, and instruction. Our students are trained to these high standards and exemplify the character of our organization after successful completion of their course or program of study.

EMS University, LLC was established in 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix location is actually in Tempe, close to the center of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. EMS University, LLC – Phoenix has been providing instruction to EMTs, the general public and healthcare professionals for Basic Life Programs. Our 3000 square foot facility and large/open classroom is ideal for students both learning how to become an EMS Provider and to become a better EMS Professional. Our programs are fun, fast paced, challenging, and rewarding. Finally, it is our desire that you feel comfortable and at home – we think of our students as family and want them to succeed in the classroom and beyond!

EMS University, LLC was established in 2010 in Tucson, Arizona. The Tucson office currently holds instructional classes for BLS and EMT Programs, including both initial EMT classes and EMT Refresher training on a quarterly basis.

EMS University, LLC was established in 2010 in San Diego, California. The program is located in Miramar, North of the MCAS. EMS University, LLC – San Diego has been providing instruction to EMTs, the general public and heathcare professionals for Basic Life Programs. In 2014, we began offering Paramedic Refresher courses and CE for all EMS providers. We are certified by the County of San Diego EMS Authority and California EMS Authority to provide CE for recertification. Additionally, we are accredited by CECBEMS to offer CE courses across the country.

EMS University, LLC – San Antonio was established in 2011. We began our company, mainly as a provider of BLS Classes, including CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens. Early on, our focus was geared towards early childhood care providers, however, in 2013, we obtained accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) which has enabled us to offer Continuing Education training to EMS professionals. We currently offer the EMT Refresher course and will be offering Paramedic Refresher courses in the future.

EMS Universal Education – Bay Area was established in 2022 and located in Union City. The Bay Area training facility is approximately 2720 square feet and contains 3 EMT or other use classrooms. The Union City facility holds equipment primarily for its CPR, First Aid, and EMT programs. Additionally, EMS Universal Education – Bay Area has equipment EMT, Refresher, and Basic Life Support (“BLS”) programs. Equipment includes, but is not limited to mannequins, oxygen masks and bags, spine boards, mast pants, as well as general bandaging and bleeding control equipment.

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