5 Toxic Habits to Avoid as a Student

5 Toxic Habits to Avoid As an EMT Student

There should be a class about being an EMT student. There is so much to juggle and not enough time to organize your plan of attack, and before you know it the big test is around the corner. It can seem daunting, especially on top of all the study material you have to learn.

That’s why the team at EMS University has compiled a list to keep you on track.

Here are 5 toxic habits to avoid as an EMT student.

Dozing off kills productivity.

Not paying attention in class is the #1 killer of EMT students. Be mindful by staying engaged— ask questions and don’t be afraid to raise your hand if you missed something important. Keep in close contact with your instructor, and utilize their email when you’re confused about a chapter at home. I

It’s better to work hard now than feel bummed out when you see a bad grade at the end of the term. We believe in you!

Missing class will keep you behind.

If being mentally absent in class will mess up your studies, imagine the damage that physically missing class will do! If you’re an EMT student, your top priority will be to know the material inside and out, and how are you going to do that if you don’t bother showing up?

Not forming a study group robs you off beneficial learning time.

Get to know your classmates by forming a study group. You will motivate each other and shine light on different learning methods. As a plus, it’s nice to go through something tough with those who have similar goals as you.

Not Using Flash Cards is a big no-no.

You’ll be learning words you never knew even existed. Keep a stack of flashcards and highlighters available to test yourself after every chapter. This trains your brain to memorize and withhold the important stuff. When you’re finally an EMT, these flashcards will come in handy, too.

There you have it, students. Now, get back to the books! You got this!

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