Wendy Younger, EMS Program Director

EMS Program Director (Arizona & Online)

EMT-Basic, El Paso, TX (1979)
EMT-Paramedic, Texas Tech School of Medicine (1982)

EMS University, LLC - Phoenix

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Wendy Younger, a Texas native, entered EMS in 1979 and has been an ALS Provider in City, Rural, Military, and Fire Department based EMS. She developed ALS Medical teams to provide support for the U.S. Government, FBI Swat Operations, and Industrial Operations throughout the U.S.

She began training EMT’s and Paramedics in 1985 and continued training EMS personnel until 2014, when she retired from the fire department. She relocated to Phoenix in 2014 and decided that retirement wasn’t exciting enough and came to work with EMSU. She is an Arizona, Texas, and Nationally Registered Paramedic, as well as a Texas Advanced Program Coordinator.

In her spare time, she writes, makes quilts, and does woodworking.