Tom Anglim, Program Manager/Clinical Coordinator

BLS Program Manager/Clinical Coordinator

EMT-Basic, FLETC/Glynco, GA (1984)
Corpsman School, US Navy (1985)
B.S., Mathematics (1987)
B.A., Comparative Politics (1987)
Paramedic, NYC*EMS (1989)
M.B.A., Healthcare Policy (2001)

EMS University, LLC - San Diego

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Tom has provided Emergency Medical Care in a wide variety of environments and system designs including law enforcement, military, ambulance, rapid response (SUV), air medical and fire service systems.

Introduced to EMS first as a Red Cross community CPR and First Aid instructor at classes conducted in a volunteer ambulance corps building - piqued his interest about the calls the squads were responding to. After training as an EMT at a Federal Law Enforcement academy, Tom was assigned to serve on an Aircraft Carrier and subsequently completed Corpsman and other Navy schools.

After working in the field with NYC*EMS system as an EMT, Paramedic and Supervisor, and teaching EMT, Paramedic, HazMAT/HazMED and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) courses he moved to San Diego and began working as Paramedic for the City of San Diego and teaching for the City, hospitals and University/College teaching programs including EMS, Nursing, Physician Assistant and Medical School programs.

Tom has published many articles in journals and magazines, is a NREMT exam proctor and CECBEMS (now CAPCE) reviewer and has presented papers, lectured and participated in panels at conferences all over the world.

In his spare time, Tom volunteers as a Docent and Educator at the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier museum in San Diego along with his family.